Broken Hearted

Manipulating photos is what I do to let off a little creative steam….my artistic calling is usually drawing or painting (traditional) but my darned kids have me so tired so often these days that I’m afraid to go at it, for fear I will damage any efforts I have made thus far. Consider my manipulations small creative belches, (pardon the mild vulgarity, I can’t help it, I’m English) this crazy woman so rudely releases as a way to not explode from lack of creativity.

Here we have a fairly straightforward manipulation. The chimp here looks so soulful and emotional, poor thing. Credits for stock here


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

“Unexpected” is a theme that inspires certainly, although irritatingly I cannot hear the word unexpected without thinking of a particular Hobbit themed movie these days. To avoid further ramblings and fulfilling the real potential for this to become a random and irrelevant to the the challenge blog, I offer these humble…um, offerings.

Here we have a tree. I certainly didn’t expect to see a face in the tree as I paused to pass our youngest daughter her drink. Perhaps this tree would have been revered once upon a time, for housing a spirit, or maybe once upon a time it would have been burned or chopped down for that very reason? For anyone who is curious, this tree can be found in Christchurch Meadows, a place that qualifies as unexpected in itself as it truly is a slice of tranquil pie in an otherwise thrumming Oxford city centre.

face tree
Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Not something I’ve actually paid much attention to before, but this Weekly Photo Challenge thingymabob seems like a giggle. This week we have the theme ‘layers’.

I have this;


and this… Continue reading

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Evading headstorms every day for three years.


As a migraine sufferer, I find false and mistaken ‘migraine’ sufferers infuriating. I have known a few. “Oooh, I’ve got a terrible migraine today” they grumble. Then they drag their vacuum cleaner out, bend over to plug it in and then switch it on. They proceed to move freely around, vacuuming their carpet, mayhap whistling some annoying tune.

“Aaaargh!” I cry in anger. Let’s take the wee vacuuming scenario from a true migraine sufferer’s stance, whilst in the steel grip of even a lesser migraine. First up, I ain’t vacuuming for love nor money. But say I did, let us consider getting to the vacuum first. Ours is a Henry, and dear Henry lives in the cupboard under the stairs. I would probably have to get up off of the sofa. Any motion is agonising, so I get up slowly, to try and minimise the effect moving up causes. Pain shoots in every which way across my head, face and neck. Yay. Now I have to walk to the cupboard. Every step makes me feel like my face is shattering into hot, nauseating shards. Fast forward….the vacuum is on. The noise is hideous, unbearable. It makes my head muscles, which are so tight, its a wonder they don’t snap, tighten more, against all probability. If I had the capability, I’d punish the vacuum by throwing it out of the window, simply because it made such a terrible din.

Do you see my point? Continue reading

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Humble (Sequoias in the snow)


Relief does not seem to be a sufficient word for describing how I felt when I finally decided this was finished enough to stop. Continue reading

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‘First impressions are lasting impressions’

‘First impressions are lasting impressions’ but is that really fair? Apparently it takes us only one-tenth of a second to judge someone and form an opinion of them, based on first impressions. If that is true, we can’t easily stop forming a first impression, unless we can intercept that psychological process before it happens. Maybe we should allow for a ‘second’ or ‘third’ impression before forming an opinion. Continue reading

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Thoughts of the day

cherry blossom
Today has been quite a thoughtful day, a notion both surprising and amusing to me. It seems that I often buzz about, my thoughts in a fog, body on autopilot. But every now and then, without any warning (bastards!), a clear thought or two will pierce through the mist and crack me hard on the noggin. Sometimes, many thoughts break through, which can be startling, interesting and/or damn right scary. Today was such a day. Typing that reminds me of Terry Pratchett’s concept in his Discworld novels, of ideas, notions, imagination and innovation hurtling through space in the form of particles; if you’re really unlucky, one or more may hit you. Continue reading

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The shifting nature of my horizons.


expand | broaden | widen your horizons

Meaning: If you expand your horizons, you broaden your outlook on life and its possibilities.

As a young girl, my horizons were boundless. Anything was possible, all people my friend until otherwise proven, everything new to me of some degree of interest, everything would be within my reach, if not now, then when I grew older. This knowledge was unspoken. I did not ponder these things, they were an integral part of my being, like the need to breathe. So, I did not appreciate these boundless horizons. Continue reading

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Consideration of the assumptions made about the Brits and Old Blighty


The only time I visited the USA, I was promptly interrogated by a small American girl.

She asked me whether I was Englandish. I agreed I was, I couldn’t find it in me to correct her error. That confirmed, she asked me whether I had a pet dragon living in my castle. I looked at her Mum who hurriedly explained that she had informed her daughter that all English people lived in castles. I cracked up, just couldn’t keep a lid on the laughter. I calmed down and told the girl that unfortunately I didn’t have a dragon or a castle. Continue reading

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Fumbling in the fog…which Smartphone?

I am giving the purchase of a smartphone some consideration. Naive fool that I can be, I thought I’d visit Amazon UK, search for “smartphone” and voilĂ ! a small selection of smartphones would be listed for me to choose from. I was wrong.

It seems there are quite a few different manufacturers to choose from; Blackberry, Samsung, Apple and so on, each with a variety of models; Galaxy, Blackberry Curve, Android….the list would be huge.

So, here I am, brain happily melting and dripping through my nose. An action I thought would be simple has become one that needs much research and consideration. Continue reading

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